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Another School Shooting...

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Another senseless atrocity that leaves me speechless. We just dealt with Buffalo's racially charged massacre, and now 19 children and 2 teachers have been gunned down in Uvalde, TX. The anger and response to this is justified, but we have to take a breath when discussing viable solutions to this tragic disease.

Every time this happens, we do the same thing. Thoughts and prayers, point fingers at useless politicians, guns are bad, people are bad, debate the meaning of the 2nd Amendment, mental health, social media issues, so on and so forth.

Weeks go by and no part of the conversation has changed. Everyone from every angle approaches this issue with an agenda. Many had thought that Sandy Hook would have been the breaking point for our leaders to finally sit down with each other and AT LEAST have an honest, good faith discussion about this.

We know better now. If there was ever an issue that made it so obviously clear that those in Washington DC and state legislators don't give a damn about you or your family. They care about their own wallet and power.

I'm not going to use this to opine on what gun laws would or wouldn't work. I honestly don't know the answer. While I have my own thoughts on how we can fix some of these cultural issues, it is clearly more important for us to re-learn how to communicate effectively with each other.

We aren't even close to being in the position to have these conversations in a productive manner. We have to take a step back and relinquish the partisan hold our 2-party system has on us. Until we get out of our echo chambers and off of social media sensationalism, our discourse will remain un-fruitful.

We must hold both Democrats and Republicans accountable for their scripted rhetoric following events like this. Pointing the finger at each other with an eloquent, yet hollow, speech that is just short enough to be shared on TikTok or Instagram. Fear mongering statements and lacking any attempt to honestly discuss actual solutions to situations like this. Its abhorrent, and both party's leadership should be ashamed of themselves.

Any chance to perform theatrics and get the notoriety every politician craves. That is beyond despicable and in no way should be how a public servant carries themselves.

19 elementary school children, and 2 of their teachers, are dead. Not from some tragic unpreventable or unlucky accident. But by an evil human being with a weapon and the intent to kill innocent lives.

If we allow issues like this to further divide us, further tear apart our ability to sit down and discuss issues, we will have failed these lives and any future life lost to senseless violence. We will never prevent every crime or tragedy, but mitigation is absolutely attainable. Don't look to your political party for answers. Look to your neighbor and break down the partisan barriers that have kept us from healthy discourse.

We MUST foster an environment in which the most pro - 2nd Amendment side can civilly converse with the most pro - gun regulation side.

This should not be political. This should be data driven and empathetic.

I hope the families affected can find peace, but more importantly I hope none of them become political footballs punted around by either side just to stir emotion and garner votes during the midterms or in 2024.

If able, I encourage donation to the below found on Robb Elementary School's district website:


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