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We Need to Talk About Hunter

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Wednesday July 13th, 2022

Since it’s discovery and the explicit images circulated across the internet, Hunter Biden’s laptop has been a consistent thorn in the side of President Joe Biden. There is no question that the failings of a son shouldn’t alone taint the father, but children often are seen as a reflection of their parents and its difficult for the general public to separate the two. Hunter Biden clearly needs help and being the President’s son only adds to the pressure. However, his partying and drinking was never the main issue Republican’s homed in on when the laptop leaked. It was just fuel to the scumbag fire. The story was always the suspicious connections to an energy company called “Burisma Holdings” in The Ukraine.

To this day, there has been no formal investigation with regards to the Bidens’ connections to foreign investments and it is still unknown how Hunter, someone with no background in energy, secured a position on Burisma's board. Securing millions in capital only to blow it on cocaine and hookers has only helped feed the republican hit piece machine, looking at any way to glue possible corruption to Joe Biden.

Not only were these suspicious connections not investigated, but they were actively silenced by mainstream media companies to seemingly ensure Joe Biden’s political chances weren’t ruined and that he could forcefully defeat Donald Trump. Many platforms like Facebook and Twitter flagged anyone questioning Hunter Biden and his antics as “misinformation” and nearly every Joe Biden supporter or voter had failed to receive the full story of what was originally reported. It wasn’t until 2022, well after Joe Biden assumed The Oval Office, that outlets admitted the story was real and there is definitely investigation worthy information.

President Biden is suffering from one of the lowest approval ratings in Presidential history and is actively fumbling the economy, so it makes sense that the same people who shielded him from his son’s shenanigans during the campaign have now decided to cut loose.

No one knows what the consequences of this full story and an investigation into foreign investments would have brought during the 2020 campaign. Would Joe Biden still have won? Regardless of who you support, shouldn’t we be angry that information was withheld from us, and we were unable to make a decision on our own? Many would likely still vote for Biden and it’s a non-issue for them - which is fine - but at the very least we should be ensuring the people we are electing don’t have major skeletons in their closet that could affect their ability to do the job.

President Biden’s failure to adequately address his son’s issues and failure to answer honest questions about his possible knowing of Hunter’s international business dealings paints a gray picture for the leader of the free world. What did and didn’t Joe and Jill Biden know? How much of his father’s political influence did Hunter use? More has been brought to question after President Biden reportedly sold 1 million barrels of oil from our Strategic Petroleum Reserve to a Chinese energy giant that itself has connections to Hunter’s name.

US Presidents have before sent oil from our reserves to mitigate disruption from international events, e.g., Russia and Ukraine. But during an economic downturn with rising gas prices and inflation nearing 10%? This, in addition to Hunter’s relationship and assumed benefit from a sale like that makes many question the integrity of this White House. If it’s a wild conspiracy theory, then the administration needs to do a better job at killing a false narrative, yet we’ve heard virtually nothing. That is wildly unacceptable.

Hunter Biden doing Hunter Biden things

The optics of a drug and hooker laced son would never bode well for any political figure, and those issues should be addressed. What is of utmost importance is taking away Hunter’s ability to take so many damn selfies and videos of his escapades. This man is becoming a documentarian of his own self destruction.

Hunter's questionable life choices aren't what the White House needs to answer to. Its the undeniable connections to Ukraine and China. Where there is smoke, there is often fire. IF this is a nothing burger full of coincidences and everything checks out legally? Then the President needs to communicate this to the American people instead of letting conservative pundits rake him over the coals for what seems to be a massive corruption scandal. The Tucker Carlsons and Ben Shapiros of the world who thrive on dunking on the Democratic Party are laughing their way to the bank.

Unfortunately, Hunter’s incessant need to film himself whenever cocaine and hookers are in the room has come back to bite him again. Just last week, his iCloud was hacked and leaked online showcasing a lot more explicit content including sex tapes, drug use, and more. The content was so plentiful that the Secret Service addressed the breach stating that it is aware and working to resolve the leak. I can’t imagine Joe Biden’s blood pressure can take any more abuse, and I'm sure conversations with his son don't go well. Or maybe he’s as oblivious as everyone believes he is, or worse, doesn’t care.

I want to be clear that I personally don’t believe it’s right for us to attack and criticize President Biden for his son’s potential moral bankruptcy. Getting high on cocaine and spending days partying with hookers can be Hunter’s prerogative, and I hope he gets the help he needs to stop what seems to be a self-destructive path BUT it is generally considered unbecoming of what we expect from our leaders and their family. Does that mean we turn our nose to them? No. People are flawed, make mistakes, need help, etc. Hunter is no different. To treat him or his father lesser solely because of his partying and excessive drug use only furthers a stigma we’ve fought so long to combat.

Yet, if you add it onto his interesting dating of his late brother’s widow, his shady business dealings in Ukraine and China, and his father’s inability to answer for any of what could be considered corruption… its at the very least requiring of an investigation to ensure the Biden’s haven’t been illegally making money off of their power and putting American National Security at risk.

Hunter Biden shouldn’t be the main story of any day, and the President needs to figure out how to handle these stories and his son’s illicit leaks online so that it doesn’t further affect his ability to govern. He is already looking down the barrel of losing Congress to the Republicans and 2024 won’t be easy for him. Hunter should be held to account on corruption charges if necessary, and that includes the President too. But if this is a nothing burger and just a degenerate son, its a massive distraction for the Biden Administration that most Americans won't look away from.

Boy would I give anything to be a fly on the wall during their family thanksgiving dinner conversations.


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