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We’ve Been a Bit Busy… Here’s an Update!

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

Hey friends, I hope this finds you well and I hope your summer has been enjoyable so far! Ana and I are currently dealing with recurrent A/C and hot water issues at our apartment - so summer certainly has levied its toll on us. I wanted to post a blog update to let you know we’re still here, but life has been in flux over the last month! Regardless, Grant and I look forward to sharing more content and this will serve as a preview for what’s to come!

Over the past month, I’ve been settling into a new job and schedule as well as getting more integrated with my National Guard unit up in Scranton, PA. Between juggling a car and needing a new laptop (which I’ll be investing in next week), time and energy to put what I’d like into this outlet has been difficult to find.

This has been a throw anything and everything at the wall to see what sticks and what is fun for us. The few blogs I’ve done are enjoyable outlets for myself and I look forward to opining on several topics.

Look out for my takes on:

  • Jon Stewart & The PACT Act

  • China, Taiwan, and our Place

  • Trump 2024???

  • Congressional Term Limits & Age Limits

I had been relying on my previous work computer to work on The Cogan Convo centric things (sorry not sorry PLF). Since forfeiting that, my old personal laptop shit the bed, and I’m currently relegated to typing on my phone or typing on my new work computer (which is connected to a hyper secure government server with escalated IT monitoring) which isn’t ideal.

Upping the Podcast Game

We’re deep in the brainstorming stages of making our voice more relatable and interesting. For a while we’ve been formatted to 2 episodes per month with a specific topic at hand. Unfortunately this really pigeon holes us into things we may not be enthusiastic about and makes some conversation between Grant and I feel stilted.

We still want to this, but I’m discussing with Grant how to better capture a deeper review and perhaps move into a more scripted audio/video essay on topics that we want to wade through. I attempted this slightly with our most recent podcast episode discussing Matt Walsh’s documentary “What is a Woman”.

I am currently working on a 45min long audio essay on one of my favorite pop culture icons: Elvis Presley. On the heels of the newest biopic, I want to dive deeper into the accusations of Elvis’ racism and cultural appropriation and really showcase what Elvis means to music, and American, history.

In addition to a more scripted and planned monthly topic, I am curious in doing 30min quick opinion segments that can be more reactionary and maybe even have guests on to discuss current topics as they happen.

We actually just recorded a reunion catch-up episode with some of my good buddies from Officer Candidate School (although our recording software seems to have worked against us - so I’m trying to salvage something in editing). Regardless, even if we have to re-record, look out for that episode where we recount our OCS days and appreciate each other’s brotherhood.

We’ve tried to maintain a simple workload and between Grant and myself, we’re prepared to better manage our time and ensure a product we are proud to circulate.

Upping the Blog Game

I’ve always loved writing and will continue to use this blog as a window into my mind on certain issues as they occur. Writing for me has always come out more eloquently, although I still find ways to stir the pot! (Which is never my intent).

Once my technology means are met, I’ll be getting into a more regular groove to type these out and stay connected to you, my dear friends!

Just like this post is a window into my current state of mind, our processes, and what’s to come - I intend on maintaining that style of informality and transparency.

My hope is that this is a welcoming platform that encourages thought and rationale rather than hateful, emotional, finger pointing and name calling.

It’s just Grant and I doing everything you see and here. All the editing, producing, AV magic is solely Grant, while I’m behind any and all graphics, logos, social media, etc. We’re pretty novice at this type of platform and we appreciate you sticking with us as we try things out and carve a path. That being said, we desperately want to hear from you and hear your thoughts. Feedback makes this better, and encourages us to build an effective product. If there’s something you’ve seen, or something you haven’t seen, and you have a strong thought about it? Speak up! We are eager to learn, especially from any audience we might have.


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